Monday, July 08, 2013

Secret Ministries

If you belong to a church, you know that a lot of how things get done is not about the church's polity.  It is not about committees or deacon boards.  It is not about any hierarchical structure.

Many things are done because someone sees a need and steps in to do something about it.

At my church, I have two things I do that most people don't know I do.  I keep the children's worship bags ready with paper, pencil, and crayons.  And I keep the women's bathroom stocked with feminine supplies.

I started putting together the children's bags because I have three children of my own, and I know it is a benefit to me when my middle son gets the bag to occupy himself during worship.  Some children take multiple bags.  Some end up taking them home accidentally.  Or leaving them on the seat or floor.  Occasionally someone a little older will use them, but I'm not sure how the crayons came to be melted in one of the bags a couple of years ago.  I find 15 minutes during the week to restock/redistribute the supplies.  Easy job, but I do believe that it would be missed if I didn't do my job.  It is really one of the things you never think about until it doesn't get done.

The other thing I do is supply pads and tampons in the women's restroom.  This involved buying a little basket to put next to the sinks and keeping it stocked.  I end up getting the pads and tampons free or almost free because I use coupons and wait for sales.  The real work is noticing when to bring more in--not really that difficult.  I do this service because when I was about 12 years old, there was a girl who came up to me in church during Sunday School one week.  She needed a pad, but I didn't have one to give her then.  I remember thinking about how frustrating it would be to need something so personal and embarrassing (at that age) and having to go around asking.  And that story has stayed in my mind all these years.  So I work to provide such supplies to the girls and women of my congregation. 

There are many little things in our church that get done on a weekly basis without ever being acknowledged.  The ones doing them don't ask for recognition, but maybe you can notice and offer a word of thanks sometimes.

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