Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Allergy Plans

My youngest child starts Kindergarten in the morning.  They stagger-entry the children, so they only have 4-5 in each day this week.  Then on Monday the whole class will be there.  Which is why I have spent today chasing down forms and meeting for over an hour with the school nurse--because we need a plan to deal with his allergies.

There are many things to consider when sending an allergic child to public school for the first time.  I have to have forms filled out to check the medicine into the school.  I have to tell them if I want the medicine also in the classrooms (I do).  I have to get a special sticker to put in his lunchbox.  I have to discuss how and when he will wash his hands before and/or after he eats, whether he will sit in a special seat for lunch and snack, and what the process is if he has an anaphylactic reaction.  There is a lot of paperwork involved.

But this little child of mine is a good advocate for himself.  His teacher has experience with allergic reactions and is trained to use the Epi-pen if it is needed.  My son knows how to ask if something has nuts in it and to refuse if other children try to offer him food. 

For a mom like me, here is my big adventure--sending my 5 year old off to school despite my anxiety, my worry and fears.  But isn't that what all parents are called to do? 

I have looked at my boys with the idea that I am here to raise them up and let them go.  That process comes through different events.  Already my 5 year old is quite independent in some ways.  I have been freed from the ever-persistent care of a baby.  I don't have to watch my son every minute of the day to keep him out of trouble. 

I am excited about sending my son off to Kindergarten.  He is going to learn so much.  He is on a journey to adulthood with a really big step in the morning.

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