Saturday, July 22, 2006

Not Going to Happen

How do you blog when you have a little boy who has reached the apex of separation anxiety? He is also in pain from tooth number eight, and he is dropping a nap from his schedule.

"Mama, pick me up!!!"

I have lots of thoughts that I could blog about--job interview, end-times, etc. But it isn't going to happen right now.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Want to be a Preacher, Too

Tonight, I have told my 3 year old son that I will not be going to church with him on Sunday. Daddy will have to take him. I am going to another church to preach for a pastor who is on vacation. The last time I preached it was November 2004, and it was for my church; so my son doesn’t quite realize that I will be working on Sunday.

My son has always asked me where people worked. He will go through the whole family, and I will tell them the name of the company where said family member works. When he asks where mama works, I tell him “home.” So now he is confused by this new work I will be doing this weekend.

I also said the words aloud to him—I am a preacher. My son looked at me. He didn’t get confused, but he didn’t say anything. I told him that boys and girls can be preachers when they grow up. He understands what a preacher is because of his church experience. Suddenly, he knows that mommy may have another role in life. I told him that I went to school to learn to be a preacher. I hope he knows I can be a mommy, too. He doesn’t say much about this new role. I think he is trying to understand how it affects him.

After about five minutes, my son says, “I want to be a preacher, too.”