Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Small Town Newspaper Articles

I was perusing a daily newspaper from one county over from my hometown. There are a couple of articles about women in ministry.

Here is the first: Balancing Ministry and Family.

And the second one: Women and the Church. I went to Gardner-Webb Divinity School, and Beverly was in some of my classes while we were both getting our M.Div degrees. It is a thrill to see her as the first female D.Min. to graduate from that divinity school.


Sally said...

Thanks for sharing these articles, they are very helpful and very real.

Free Flying Spirit said...

Wow! Your life is full and I never had children, didn't find the 'right'man, but nearing 65, am still open for one. I love children and worked in a former lifetime with them as an Early Childhood Educator. They blessed me greatly!

I hear congratulations are in order for winning the Trivia contest...Yeah!!!! Good for you!

Also, you may be interested in the magazine called, "Women's Concerns". It is published by the United Church of Canada and has three editions a year. I have a poem in it, which I posted on my blog tonight...spiritual motion blog.

This magazine is done by and for women and their supporters. It has been around much longer than I knew...over 20 years. It has a world view as well.

Keep us posted on finding a place of ministry. Your little one will become used to it all, but he'll read you clearly. They seem to sense things..perhaps they're still close enough to where they came from - God, to not be as cluttered in their thinking. We, however, are slowly working our way back to that innocence.

Blessings for your search,
Free Flying Spirit