Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I used to be online all day long. I had a laptop on the kitchen table always on and connected throughout the day. Now I restrict myself to getting online only after the children are in bed and my chores are done. I may not even have 30 minutes online time, and I realize that that is okay.

I used to be quite addicted to being online. I could literally feel the rush when I turned on my computer. So strange.

I made a conscience decision to limit my time online, and it was difficult at first. But I think it is better for me. Too much information all the time is very tiring.

Nowadays, I get online, do what I need to do (mainly email), and I get offline. Except tonight. I should have been offline ten minutes ago, and I came to post on my blog instead. :)


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Alex said...

I am addicted to online and I think almost everyone else is also. I think it helps fill the void my job leaves.. It also helps pass the time that is between. But I do abmit it takes away from some of the things I cherish the most. Family.... I think you have a point being online sucks you in.. It is hard to have it let you go.