Friday, January 19, 2007

Women as Professors in SBC Seminaries

While I am no longer Southern Baptist, I still have my roots there. That is why I offer this blog about the removal of a woman from Southwestern Seminary's faculty. It is on Wade Burleson's weblog.

The story of Sheri Klouda's removal from the SWBTS faculty

I was very interested to learn how varied the response has been in this matter.


Deb said...

Yet another nail in the coffin of reason as to why well-qualified servants of God are going to other churches... other denominations...

This makes me furious. I am glad more than ever to be an ex-SBCer


Songbird said...

The thinking of the seminary President in the case has so little relationship to my childhood experience of being Southern Baptist that it is unrecognizable. I am sadly not shocked, but at the same time horrified.

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

I grew up Southern Baptist, in a town with a Southern Baptist college, was called to ministry as a part of "Super Summer" sponsored by state Southern Baptist convention, graduated from a college affiliated with a state convention, and I'm a Methodist, in part due to theology, in part, due to politics. I was pretty sure I would get caught up fighting for the right to minister and then be too burned out with that fight to actually be a minister. Not that there's no fight in the south regardless of denomination, but it doesn't seem to be quite as strident. Too bad they tend to quote the Paul they want to use and to forget the part where Paul says "no male nor female"

LoMozizzle said...

Songbird, I also have good memories of my Southern Baptist upbringing, but have left due to the SBC and overall attitude and beliefs about women's "place". They have lost many good souls to other demonations and caused many to leave GOD and church. I believe the Bible they tout to know so well has something to say about causing a soul to leave GOD....
I am happy to see so many women speaking out on this outrage!
Female Former Southern Baptist