Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Meal Toys

According to some people, putting Hummers in Happy Meal toys is a bad idea. I think it is worse to make the parent choose between the boy Happy Meal and girl Happy Meal. My son never wants the boy Happy Meal anyway. As we go through the drive-thru and order, he pitches a fit from the back seat, screaming, "I want the girl toy!!" So we didn't end up with any of the Hummers. Instead, both my sons have been playing with the Polly Pocket Happy Meals. I liked them better, too.

Of course, the Hummer/Polly Pockets Happy Meals were last month. Now the Happy Meals feature Super Mario.

(I'm waiting for Neopets to be in the Happy Meal again because I am such a Neopets addict.)


hipastorzwife2B said...

What about those toddler toys? They never change. We don't go very often but we have two Ronald "Little People" and I'm refusing the rest.

Sally said...

crazy but true- happy meal toys become collectors items!!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You can sell the toys on ebay and make some money!!

I miss having a little one just to get the toys. The 13 year old refuses to order off the kids menu ~grins~

Anonymous said...

Hi A. Lin,

Just wanted to say "hello"--found your blog for the first time tonight. I can imagine what your situation must be like as a Baptist woman called to ministry (and preaching!-gasp-). I am an ordained United Methodist pastor--and the mother of a 1 1/2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old...but we prefer Wendy's children's meals. : )

Although raised non-denom (w/heavy Wesleyan Nazarene influence), I attended a Southern Baptist University. I found my religion profs. to be the most liberal (in a good sense) among the staff. I sensed that they supported women in ministry, but didn't have the freedom to say so. But they did one important thing--they didn't preach against women in ministry, at least not in the classes I was part of. However, this is not necessarily so in the local church, is it? In the Methodist Church, we are supported by our bishops and District Superintendants, but many local churches have never had a female pastor, and some are resistant to the idea of having a female pastor appointed to them. Thankfully, many come to accept God's call on female pastors after experiencing their ministry.

Just a note to say bless you and may God empower you through his Holy Spirit to go into the world preaching the Gospel,


revabi said...

Okay, we have both, the hummers and the polly pocket which the girls and the boy play with both. I don't get it?

I wanted the hummer. I have the need for speed and power. Just kidding.