Friday, April 20, 2012

The Me Who No Longer Exists

In the mail today, I received a "special one-time offer" for me to re-subscribe to Citizen Magazine which is published by Focus on the Family. This notice arrived about 14 years too late for it to do any good.

I'm not the same person I was fifteen years ago. In fact, the person I was a decade and a half ago wouldn't recognize me and would probably say I'm not even a Christian.

So what happened? I started thinking for myself. I gave up what I had been taught by the church as a fact, and I researched and studied to find out the truth. Divinity school is where it started; and since I graduated ten years ago, I've kept changing. I'm not the conservative evangelical that is being targeted by this offer that came in the mail.

If I had this magazine, I bet I would vote exactly opposite of what it says in its voter's guide. The "trustworthy Christian perspective" wouldn't be my Christian perspective. I am simply not the person to which this piece of mail is addressed.

That person died. Or maybe evolved is a better word.
I just know that I have never been more confident in my beliefs and values. I've never known better what to support and what to fight.

And above all, I wonder at how God can change a heart so radically as mine was changed.

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