Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Woe Unto You

Woe unto all who decide to teach a children's Sunday School class. You will never be able to stop teaching it. And also that mid-week class that you volunteered for--how difficult it is to stop (especially when your own children are in the class).

I need a break!

In the midst of launching two new businesses in our household (my husband's staffing company and my potential ownership of Kindermusik in our community), I have to take time off from my church duties.

To say nothing of being burned out and needing renewal myself.

So why do I feel like I am getting dirty looks for wanting to stop teaching the classes? And how do I really get away from teaching them as new teachers have not been found? And I am still teaching Sunday School two years after I said I wanted to stop!

So I let them stew and fret over new teachers. There really has to be a better way to recruit, but so few people in our churches volunteer to serve. I thought our church would be different, but I've been in the discipleship team meetings and seen how it is so difficult to get people to step forward.

Tonight is the start-up of mid-week activities. No teacher for the preschoolers. Am I supposed to feel so guilty for wanting to not teach?

Churches need to assume that service only lasts for one year. That way a teacher doesn't feel trapped by his/her class forever.

I know I need a break, but I don't feel like anyone is believing me or encouraging me to take one. I can see now why people get burned out and leave churches.

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Lloyd said...

My wife and I are Sunday School teachers at the church we attend. We have tried to get someone to help with our classes and possible take them over because, after ten years of teaching we NEED A BREAK. No one will come forward to help.... I am ready to just quit and see if then someone will step forward and take the classes because we want to start traveling in our twilight years.

God's blessings too you. Lloyd