Friday, June 26, 2009


It is so refreshing to not see a wife standing beside a disgraced politician for a change. Jenny Sanford--yer doin' it right!

What Mark Sanford did was his own choice and decision. I hate seeing the wives standing there tight-lipped while the husband makes his apologies. We all know that we pity them. Some may even get the idea that the wife had a part in the infidelity--knowing about it and not doing anything, pushing the husband to have the affair (gag!). We do judge.

I'm judging this as the right action. If the day comes when I have to take a stand, may I remember this example.

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Anonymous said...

That article is an iteresting take on her position. It seems to me that while she was not, literally beside him, her written statement indicates a clear desire to stand with him, providing he meets certain criteria of repentance. It's a really good example of Biblical boundaries. You may wish to add it to a future repetoire, too.