Sunday, July 06, 2008


My boys have really enjoyed watching the High School Musical movies. They aren't the audience that Disney intended when they marketed the movies (they are under 6!), but the music keeps them watching. How bad is it? We know every word of both movies and all the songs (even the songs that only show up on the DVD). Part of the blame is that we have a DVD player in our mini-van. Boy #2 has been watching that DVD player since before his carseat was facing forward (yes, he craned his neck around to see it).

When it comes to High School Musical 2, I will say that the favorite song is one that the main character Troy Bolton sings called "Bet on It." Troy sings it while walking/running/jumping around a golf course. And my boys know every walk, run, and jump. Today, I played the song (just the song) from my laptop, and I noticed that they were doing all the motions with their hands like Troy. They would walk or run when he did. They knew when to throw out their arms, hit the ground, or do a little jump.


My 3 year old knows when to do it without looking at his big brother, too.

Maybe we have watched the movie too much--I don't know. However, it is a good reminder that my sons are going to learn by watching and imitating. I know I can't always control what they see and learn, but I can control what I do and say. Sometimes my attitude is less than stellar. I get tired. I get cranky. I speak too quickly. I overreact.

It isn't a bad thing for the boys to know I am human. But I don't want them to imitate my bad qualities all the time. It is a fine line to walk. Seeing them act out HSM2 today is just another reminder of this big responsibility I have that goes beyond feeding and clothing my children.

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