Monday, August 06, 2007

Thoughts at 3:30 AM

This coming weekend, I will be taking the boys to see their grandparents. All four grandparents live in the same area--within 25 minutes of each other. So it is easy to see them throughout the days that we are in town.

We will be there on Sunday. I have been thinking about going to the church where I grew up, the church that my mother still attends. But what if the preacher decides to rant about women in ministry? He has been known to rant about Muslims, Catholics, abortionists, etc. I'm sure women preachers must be on his list, too.

If the preacher were to decide to verbally attack women preachers, what would I do? Would I laugh at the irony? Would I get up and leave the service then and there? Would I scrunch down in my seat and hide? Would I stand up and shout?

Strange thoughts to be having at 3:30 AM. I stayed up too late trying to finish the ironing for this week. Ironing always gets me to thinking--my best sermon points occur when I am using an iron.

I do find it strange, however, that a church would teach its girls about God, about the love of Christ, about the call to evangelize; teaching them in Sunday School, in Mission Friends, in GAs, in Acteens only to be surprised when one of those girls decides to take seriously what she has been taught. I am a product of my upbringing. If I had never known that country church, I don't know if I would be in ministry today.

Such irony abounds.

I wonder if I will attend that church, another church, or just take the opportunity to sleep in for one Sunday. Check back sometime next week and find out.

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Iris said...

Today is Sunday, so I'm wondering what you decided. I feel much the same way when I return to my home town and worship at the church that raised me.

Finding irony while ironing.... I love it!