Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Five: Dental Edition

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five

1. Are you a regular patron of dentists' offices? Or, do you go

a) faithfully, as long as you have insurance, or
b) every few years or so, whether you need it or not, or
c) dentist? what is this "dentist" thing you speak of?

Nowadays, it is A. My whole family has dental insurance, and I make sure that all of us go to the dentist twice a year.

When I was growing up, my dad had dental for a couple of years. I went to the dentist between ages 9 and 12. Thankfully, I had sealants put on my teeth; and I am firmly convinced that they saved my teeth. I had two cavities growing up. Later, my wisdom teeth impacted and caused a few more, but I have never had a root canal.

After ds #1 was born, I decided to start going back to the dentist (14 years after my last visit at age 12) and also the orthodontist. My teeth are great now--and I intend to keep them that way.

2. Whatever became of your wisdom teeth?

All my wisdom teeth were extracted. It wasn't that bad. I had heard so many horror stories, but I had a rather easy time.

3. Favorite thing to eat that's BAAAAAD for your teeth.

Unpopped or half-popped popcorn kernels. Also, sugar (esp. in the form of chocolate).

4. Ever had oral surgery? Commiserate with me.

The only oral surgery I have had was to remove my wisdom teeth. It wasn't that bad for me.

5. "I'd rather have a root canal than _________________."

I don't know. I've never had a root canal. My dh has had so many of them though, and I don't envy him.

Bonus: Does your dentist recommend Trident?

No, but they do keep trying to push tooth whitening. I have found the Crest Whitestrips to work fine, so I'll skip the in-office whitening.

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Sally said...

I skip the in office whitening too- Crest works just fine- we put too much emphasis on perfection!
Well played