Monday, March 26, 2007


I was called unanimously to be the Minister to Youth and Children at _____ Baptist Church. The pastor called me about an hour after my family left the luncheon.

I will officially begin at the church on Easter Sunday. The church I currently attend wants the opportunity to acknowledge I have been called and send me out. I have missed attending my church. I was out of town last week and at the new church this week.

For a while after I begin this new position, I will continue to teach the preschoolers at the former church on Tuesday night. I will do this to help the children (and me) transition into this new chapter. Both pastors have agreed that Tuesday nights are my own to do as I see fit. Maybe it is a big jump going from teaching preschoolers to teaching youth, but I know that the thing that is similar is the relationships that have to be formed.

It is an exciting time for me. I can see so much potential for growth at this church to which I am called. I only hope that I can be attentive to the Holy Spirit and catch the vision.

Any advice from other ministers is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Just checking in, and saw this. All blessings! RuthII (LOLboards....)

April said...

I just wanted to tell you, ALin, that I am SO, SO happy for you!! Congratulations!

My advice would be to get the book(s) from Alban by Roy Oswald about starting a new ministry. I think it's called New Beginnings. (Or if you'd like a used copy, you can have mine. My next move is home!) There's good info in there that may be helpful for you.

I also have some other thoughts that I'd be happy to share if they aren't too know-it-all-y. If you email me at mcstew at insightbb dot com, I'll pass them your way.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS!! HOW WONDERFUL!! And how blessed that congregation will be to have you!