Monday, February 20, 2006


At church on Sunday, our pastor's sermon was entitled "Get the Rhythm." My son already had the rhythm before the sermon started because during the special music, he got up and danced. My husband tried to get him to sit down and be still, but it really tickled me to see him be moved to dance in church.

I do not dance. I am too self-conscience to dance. I have never been to a club and danced. I didn't dance at my wedding reception. I have square danced before, but it has been a long time ago--and I don't think I was all that good at it. However, there is one occasion that I am required to dance. Kindermusik.

My son has been going to Kindermusik since he was ten months old. He is almost 3 1/2 now. In the classes, a parent accompanies the child and participates in the activities. There is always a dance or two that we do every week. It is silly dancing: twirling, jumping, crawling, prancing, twisting, rocking. It brings a smile to my son's face. We listen to the CD that we receive in our materials, and we laugh and dance at home, too.

The sermon today focused on getting into the rhythm of dwelling in the Holy Spirit--serving with the Spirit, as well as, allowing the Holy Spirit to serve us. We are to allow God to take our offerings and bless them.

As I listened to the sermon and thought about how I only dance with my son, it occurred to me that I always look at his face when we dance. That smile, that glowing smile of total happiness, it attracts my attention and keeps me from being self-conscience.

God calls us to the dance, too. More focus on God is less focus on our own insecurities. Keeping our eyes on God helps us serve God better. It might even be a catchy rhythm.

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Jill said...

To me, life is all about dancing, whether for fun, entertainment, or just work. It seems like we need more dancing and less gloominess in our lives.
God is the key to the dancing. Through His love and grace, we can be joyous everyday- not that I am.